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My first camera was a Nikon camera fitted with a 135 mm focal lens : I bought it when I was 16 years old and in the 1975-90‘s I did many descriptive photos with it : portraits, photographies of nature or buildings... I would print them myself, which gave me the satisfaction of handling the whole process, from the shooting to the paper printing. These old photographies were of a mediocre quality in the end, as opposed to what is now possible with digital technologies. The extraordinary technical progress achieved since then has opened up new perspectives / horizons. The possibility of endlessly repeating and renewing your shots, of recording shooting parameters, the great improvements of lenses and equipment to shoot in very low light, all this allows a totally different approach. It is now possible to spend hours working on one same subject, trying to improve your shots by repeating them again and again and understanding the underlying mechanisms of the picture, until you eventually end up with that one picture you consider satisfying.

I am interested in trying to reveal the harmony lying in plain, trifling subjects : a patch of grass or a few leaves, a mere branch, water reflections... It doesn’t matter that the picture should loose its figurative value and become abstract, as long as this harmony be revealed and arouse emotions, daydreaming and meditation in the mind of the spectator.

This is my aim : to capture the fleeting harmonies of nature, so that my pictures become as many open windows for the mind to explore.