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Water Projection Concert - November 12th, 2017, 8.30 pm - Paris, Théâtre du Ranelagh

Let us imagine the unexpected encounter of pictures with music. Each form of art usually conveys a particular atmosphere and feeling. What would happen if each of the two distinct senses of sight and hearing - were to lead you into the same reverie, if two independent works of art aroused the same emotion ? This would be quite an uncommon experience...

Philippe Hersant’s music, with the poetically evocative Haïkus and Ephémères, and Eric Sanger Monteros’ photographies invite precisely to an encounter. Mara Dobresco’s and Nicolas Krüger very expressive playing delineates every nuance, vibration and emotion in these musical miniatures and lends life to them, inviting the mind to wander through the mysterious space the pictures open up. The music seems to set the pictures in motion while the pictures appear to create a focal point and perpetuate the time of listening for the music being played . Both arts gain a new relation to time and motion from this exchange, as one lets his mind create a trip of its own, loosing itself in the visual and musical depth of such an encounter.