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Concert : Water Projection - 2016, december 14th - Beuvrequen, Autres Caps

Piano pieces by Philippe HERSANT are interpreted by the pianist Mara DOBRESCO and the pianist and conductor Nicolas KRUGER and accompanied by Eric SANGER MONTEROS’s water photographies. Experimenting with synaesthesia : when sounds and images complement one another.

Eric SANGER MONTEROS has worked hand in hand with pianist Mara DOBRESCO and conductor Nicolas KRUGER to create a synesthesic experience in which images and sounds are both complementary and fusional. Focusing on the theme of nature, Eric SANGER MONTEROS’s photographies of water, branches and reflections are a response to Philippe HERSANT‘s Ephémères and Haikus (two books of short pieces inspired by Japanese haikus). Through each piano piece a new atmosphere comes to life, arousing within the spectator the desire to let the eyes and the mind wander in the space of the picture : this process, in an abstract and intuitive way, answers and enriches the music. If photography is a still art by essence, Eric SANGER MONTEROS pictures come to life as Philippe HERSANT's music makes the water move and sparkle on the screen. Music, the art of time and movement, seems to come to a standstill, the better to let the notes resound with the images.